Build a boat and cross the pacific in it!

In October 2016, Phil buck, an American Explorer built a rustic reed boat with the help of some workers. His idea is to cross the Pacific Ocean, starting from South America and reach Australia.  On asking Phil buck about this nearly impossible and unattempted expedition of a boat into ‘the pacific ocean’, he says it is his childhood dream that pushed him to attempt something so defeasible. It is going to be a difficult journey yet Phil doesn’t deter.

It’s true. All Phil needed was to build a boat and be determined. A boat so mighty and capable that it can cross the deep and boundless pacific. Why can’t we do the same? We humans are like Phil’s rustic reed boats thrown against a pacific so vast and profound called life.

Life, like oceans, is uncertain. You never know, one moment you are sailing smoothly and the other moment you are thrown against the difficulties of life, holding on yet falling off the edge. Our life, just like pacific is profound and we got to go a long way. It is full of possibilities, favorable as well as unfavorable. There is a certain quality about boats. They flow with the tide as well as against it. Their shape is such that no matter what comes, it stays afloat. It has been built to survive against the tides.

build a boat


In this pacific called life, our boat is our mind and body. If we don’t shape it up to live up to the worst, how are we going to survive through difficulties? Everyone has a different boat. It teaches us to survive on our own. You need to strive for a living just life explorers finding food in the pacific. We are explorers in the path of life. A well-built, strong and stout boat will only be able to survive.

Our mind is our navigator. A powerful navigation gives a correct direction. Direction, given by our goals and aims, keeps us afloat. An oriented mind and a good decision making capability, helps in a smooth sail. But this is life, uncertain as the pacific. You might get difficulties in achieving your goal, difficulty in finding a direction. But a mind that is ready to sail even in unfavorable conditions, is the true mark of a healthy and stable mind. Train your mind to forecast winds and storms.

Often in life we suffer handicaps. Just like Phil buck. Buck had earlier attempted to make a similar trip in 2000 but his expedition was interrupted by damage to the boat. All this difficulties did not stop him from building a boat and crossing the pacific. He bounced back, this time well equipped, with a smarter plan and a sturdier boat. Handicaps doesn’t mean end of a journey. Empower yourself to bounce back after adversities. Train your mind and body to survive the storms of life.

We often get knocked down by the high tides and storms, of what we call difficulties and setbacks. How are we supposed to cross the pacific if we give up? After all it’s a long journey. We need patience and perseverance.

If you fall off the boat and don’t know how to swim across and get back on your boat, you die. Just like that, falling terminally ill and not having a stronger immunity will fade you. It is important to have a healthy body in order to sail smoothly. Habits of moderation, a proper diet and exercise is the key to a healthy build up.

So build a boat and cross the pacific in it. It just needs determination and a healthy you. Stay happy, stay afloat!



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