How social media has evolved over the years!

The world is better place when we are less strangers to each other. 12 years ago google started off a social networking service named Orkut, one of the very first social networking sites built to connect people. The world has been a small place since. We have dozens of social networks now, since the time Orkut closed in 2014. The most popular and famed being Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube in no particular order.

Here is a list of some widely used social networks and how it has evolved in this era of digitization.

                             My space

myspace logo

Myspace was the largest social networking website offering an interactive platform until 2009 when Facebook overtook it in terms of numbers of worldwide users. Myspace was originally built to bridge the gap between artists and fan bases. But gradually its users migrated to Facebook. It got purchased by Times Inc. in 2016.


orkut logo

Orkut was a social networking platform owned by google. Launched in 2004, it had a large user base especially across India and Brazil until google shut it down in 2014.


linkedin logo

LinkedIn is a professional networking website that plugs the gap between employers and job seekers. It helps foster professional relationships and has been doing this since 2003. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016. It is available in 24 languages and has about 467 million users worldwide.

                           Facebookfacebook logo

This is the most popular and widely used social network, religiously used by over 1.50 billion people across the globe. It can be found essentially in every laptops, smartphones, tablets and PCs. Making friends just got easy with a few clicks, sharing of images and videos became instant and blocking option filtered out pet peeves and miscreants. It now mostly runs on brand promotions and has several business pages on it. Facebook has had a huge social impact and since its introduction, people are able to continuously stay in touch with family and friends as long as there is internet connectivity.



whatsapp logo

With over 1 billion active users per month, it is the most actively used instant messaging application. The very first thing we tend to do even before brushing our teeth is checking out messages and media on WhatsApp. It lets you connect with friends and family instantly. It first started off as an independent entity in 2009 but has been acquired by Facebook since 2014. After this WhatsApp started offering services that included free voice and video calls and GIF sharing. Contrary to the text only status feature previously, WhatsApp has now introduced a 24 hour status feed which allows users to upload photos and videos, a feature most common in snapchat and Instagram. The end to end encryption feature only makes it safer and reliable and more popular among the masses. But the people did not quite like the idea of a media status so WhatsApp, citing demands, brought back the text based status feature back in its latest version.




snapchat logo

The most popularly used site among the millennials even before Facebook. It is a selfie application which allows them to share images and videos that are short lived and self-depleting. It employs a timer to let the user adjust accordingly and the picture disappears after that particular time. It has now incorporated an object recognition feature and has several cool and fun filters with the ‘dog’ filter being the most popular. With over 2.5 billion average snaps per day, it is expected to grow huge.


youtube logo

YouTube is a video sharing entertainment website founded in 2005. Google acquired YouTube in 2006. A vast majority of its videos are free to view excluding some premium channels and exclusive content. It is rated the second most popular site in the world after Google.



twitter logo

‘Tweet’ as they call it is a message that is limited to 140 characters only. So anything you post cannot exceed this character limit. There is a great buzz for twitter with almost all the celebrities and politicians using twitter. There is a lot of controversy associated with tweets and hate messages being hot and popular, it has time and again been used to convey disagreement over views and have led to social media conflicts. However it is still going to rule the charts in coming times with 310 million active users and an average of 500 million tweets per day.


instagram logo

Instagram is my personal favorite and almost everybody nowadays has an account on it. Launched in 2010, it is a photo and video sharing website and provides some interesting filters to add that extra professional touch to media. Also popular are the hashtags and the trending ones include WHP, WCW, MCM, and TT. In 2013, Instagram introduced ‘Instagram direct’ for private sharing of pictures and videos directly with another user. In 2016 it launched a new feature called Instagram stories with a 24 hour lasting feed after which it automatically disappears. So the next time you binge on a ridiculously good looking chocolate pastry, make sure you first share it through your Instagram story. That’s what it’s all about. Recently in 2017, it launched a go live feature. Now you can go live from anywhere and everywhere. Let your friends get live updates from the concert you have been attending? Sounds cool much? And how can I miss out on ‘boomerang’. It allows you to take a short video that loops back and forth rapidly and infinitely. It is the most trending feature on Instagram. With all this interesting features on Instagram, I wonder what next is in store for us!


flockstation logo

Flockstation is a new and unique platform that helps you with finding audience for your happenings. They have taken it a notch higher and customized it to serve all your needs. Organising a happening has never been so easy. It helps you increase your reach. Small scale business, individuals organizing a workshop, big banner movies, small bands, politicians, gigs, public figures and every one of the human kind, they help you get audience, followers and attendees. While still a startup, it has already garnered a large user base and is only expected to grow by the end of 2017. It has a separate dedicated platform specially designed for NGOs and Nonprofit boards wherein they can organize a social cause, conduct rallies and campaigns, raise funds and meet sponsors.  Flockstation is a community exchange network market place. One can share their product, list and host activities and events, organize classes, provide mentoring and several other services.

Flockstation gives you a highly interactive forum section that allows you to start a discussion with the attendees even before the event, conduct polls, chat privately, save notes, set favorites, send meeting requests(with time, date and purpose settings). With all these features and more, it has made branding much easy.

With all these applications, you are sure never going to miss out on the world and everything that is trending and here to stay!


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