What heartbreak teaches us and other life lessons!

heartbreak #2

Last day while smoking my joint and dealing with blues, on a friend’s terrace, I texted my other friend asking him remedies about my anxiety issues. I knew the answer myself yet I needed validation. “Yoga and quit smoking”, he promptly replied.

People come and go. That’s life. Everyone knows how it feels when your heart breaks, It feels nothing less than acclimatization. How we learn to adjust in a totally different environment without the presence and warmth of our love!! But isn’t it bad for health? Going through the same thing over and over again and not learning from it? Who says!

We begin to question our own sanity. Times of not responding to our inner voice, wallowing in misery, doing harmful things that gives us an escape for some time, playing with our own soul and all this teaches us a lot. Heart break is an imperative life lesson.

It teaches us how to gather ourselves even after we are broken. The same energy that we put in loving can also be put at work, the same amount of dedication and passion. Of how we pursue a person, teaches us to pursue and manifest dreams as well. In a temporary life as ours, how can anyone expect something so permanent? Like love, everything has to end and it does. It teaches us to embrace this hard hitting fact rather easily.

You can’t please everyone and heartbreaks teaches us the same. It’s both advisory and mandatory to move on to better things that are good for your own well-being. It teaches us to forgive, be kind, respect even though it’s incredibly hard.

It teaches us how not to take anything for granted. All things are transient and that fleeting moments have to be lived. There is no camera that can capture and make moments stay. It is important to appreciate what we have while it is still with us. Like the people you love, nothing is life is guaranteed to stay. Heartbreaks are ok. A part of what we experience today is a result of our stupidity and wickedness in the past. It helps us grow and become a better person. It teaches us to forgive and let go. It leaves us with a change in perspective and a higher self-esteem. It teaches us the value of emotions. How they come with sharing and not merely having.

Love makes us vulnerable, it is okay to open up. Share, relate, and admit. We all make mistakes and mess up. That’s life. It teaches us about our own capabilities and capacity to love.

As Ernest Hemingway has truly said, “we are stronger in the places, that we have been broken”.

Just like love, life is a splendid adventure. It is delightful and chaotic. So indulge as much as you can and every time you come out, you will be a different person. Stronger, wiser and incredibly loving.


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