Adulting tips

We millenials are very obsessed with this whole idea of adulting and why not? We all want to do things grown ups do and hold responsibilities, be it paying our own bills, cooking our own food or working 9 to 5. It gives us a sense of independence and it’s fun altogether.But oft times it becomes really difficult to live an adult lifestyle. And work life includes one of them.

Your first day at work is really exciting but also gives you goosebumps. The idea of leaving your comforts and toil at your cubicle gives you discomfort at the very thought of it. Here are few tips to help you through your initial days at work and then you are all set!!

1. If you have recently started working then you must be knowing how important it is to get to work on time. Obvioulsy no one wants to be get scolded for turning up late for work. Develop this habit of sleeping on time if not early and ensure you get a full 8 hours of sleep. This soon will become a habit and your natural clock will then help you wake up on time. late-for-work_fb_1960043

2.Ensure you take small frequent breaks from your desk apart from the usual lunch,loo and coffee breaks. This way you won’t get bored or suffer back pain.desk.jpg

3. Avoid using your phone late in the night as this will keep you glued for a long period and you won’t get proper sleep that might result in tiredness and disinterest in work and surroundings.tired....jpg

4.Maintain friendly and cordial relationships with your colleagues. They might come to your rescue when you get stuck somewhere.funny-work-colleague-leaving-quotes

5.Don’t hesitate.Call for help if you need anything or don’t understand something. It’s that

The above tips will soon get you accustomed and make you comfortable at work.


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