Start with yourself!

We often feel lost. We often feel the need to bring a positive change. We have often thought to ourselves about things that aren’t right, the things that need to be changed. The problem arises when we don’t start with ourselves first. We as humans have this tendency to blame people for things that aren’t going right. Expecting others to start bringing a change. Why don’t we start from ourselves first? Have you ever thought of this? The very first thing we do after waking up is brushing our teeth,talking a bath,grooming ourselves. Why so? Because we need to keep our body clean. Our body is home to our soul and we strive towards keeping it clean. Then why do we throw garbage on the roads? Why do we litter? Why do we make our mother earth dirty? Isn’t it home to our body ? Isn’t it home to all of us? Why don’t we start and bring the change by ourselves first instead of complaining about other people littering. Why don’t we make cleaning our surroundings as monotonous as taking a bath and brushing teeth. Why not start first and let others follow. It is us who can bring the change. http://start with yourself



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